With cash flow management, you keep your finances in check

Entrepreneurs need to put liquidity management at the top of their agenda right from the start. Though many young entrepreneurs initially created a business or financial plan, the topic of cash flow is often neglected. In addition, the realization of the business idea is the first priority after the foundation. Bringing one’s own business idea to life takes so much time and resources that the topic of financial and cash flow planning steps into the background. In addition, many founders have no commercial background and find it difficult to compile reliable figures for cash flow management. A look at the statistics shows how fatal it can be for a business start-up to neglect the question of liquidity: 80% of all company failures are due to a lack of cash flow planning!


Why is cash flow management particularly important for start-ups?

1. The founders get to know the financial pulse of their company from the very beginning.

2. Planned and actual figures are constantly compared and provide orientation on whether the company is on the right track.

3. Entrepreneurial decision-making is based on solid planning.

4. Banks, investors and partners gain confidence in the financial health of the start-up.

How can flowpilot help a business start-up?

flowpilot visualizes the liquidity of a company in an easy-to-understand diagram. All you have to do is upload the existing accounting. This simple procedure is particularly useful for startups, as no special software has to be installed or updated.

The intuitive planning tools of flowpilot enable the young company’s cash flow to be planned up to 5 years in advance – using a variety of scenarios. This function is not only interesting for the founders themselves, but especially helpful when the founders negotiate with banks, investors and potential business partners. Thanks to flowpilot, these external players receive in-depth information about the financial prospects of the start-up at an early stage, which in turn increases confidence in the relatively young company.

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Easily upload existing accounting and immediately see cash flow analysis

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Create financial and cash flow scenarios with easy-to-use tools

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A clear view of the financial situation and future prospects

Build trust

From banks to investors to partners - flowpilot provides reliable information to all relevant players.

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