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You are looking for a tool to do professional cash flow planning? You are fed up with wasting your valuable time on endless updates of  excel spreadsheets just to find out that making mistakes in complex spreadsheets is inevitable?

Try flowpilot!

flowpilot visualizes your cash flow performance  in easy comprehensible graphic charts – only with one click! You will be able to analyze numerous details and trends of your cash flow and create clear scenarios for the future of your liquidity.

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Professional cash flow planning made easy

Upload your accounting data (Datev-csv format) in just a few seconds. Accounting data from other sources ( e.g.  bank, ERP, invoice creation / processing, CRM) can be uploaded conveniently in any csv file format.

After a few moments, you can see your cash flow performance in detail. You can also select a day by day view or see your liquidity organised by booking category at the due date or actual expected payment date,  or just organised by your payment accounts.

If needed, flowpilot allows a profound analysis of all your payments, you can organise your cash flow on many different levels such as liquidity degrees or see all outstanding account receivables or account payables or even upcoming other recurring payments.

These flowpilot features will convince you

Forecast liquidity up to 5 years

Realistic cash flow scenarios

AI based risk detection

Comfortable dashboards

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Save Money With Flowpilot

Compared to a conventional cash flow management setup (e.g. handling excel spreadsheets) flowpilot will save at least 50% of TCO (Total Cost of Ownership).

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