Liquidity planning: vital for any SME company

After years of booming economy, the global economic situation is slowly cooling down. Regardless of the industry, it is thus important for all companies to professionalize their financial planning. While large corporations are already doing this for quite a while, many medium-sized companies have a lot of catching up to do. The focus of profound financial planning should be on maintaining the financial solvency – known as cash flow management. Maintaining a vital cash flow is crucial for the survival of any company, but it is also under threat from a variety of risks.

Well established business models are under pressure

Prominent bankruptcy cases such as Air Berlin, Germania or Thomas Cook show clearly that business models that have been established for decades can quickly become under pressure. This is not only the result of economic or seasonal fluctuations. Political factors (e.g. Brexit, trade conflicts) or abrupt changes ( digitalization, changes in consumer behavior) also suddenly put companies in a precarious position. Companies that are unable to anticipate such risks with appropriate scenarios ultimately run out of time to attract new investors or implement savings. Large players in the industry will then often receive support from official donors – a measure that SMEs can barely hope for.

Lack of financial know-how threatens liquidity

While large enterprises often have a high number of employees involved in the analysis and planning of financial indicators, SMES only have limited skills when it comes to financial planning. They are unable to compete with the “big players” – a risk that many companies tend to underestimate. But when a company lacks a well-founded plan of how its financial situation could develop in the future, it will be unable to develop realistic action scenarios. As a result, sudden changes in the cash flow are recognized too late and solvency is seriously threatened from one day to the next. The solution to this problem is smart tools such as flowpilot – tools that enable professional cash flow planning with as little effort as possible.

Cash flow management for the SME sector

Why is cash flow planning so important for SMEs?

1. Realistic scenarios for the economic future create new scope for action

2. Ongoing target/actual comparison enables better controlling.

3. Weak points and risks to solvency are identified at a very early stage.

4. Measures to maintain financial liquidity can be implemented in advance.

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Cash flow management for the SME sector

flowpilot: Professional cash flow planning made easy

flowpilot uses the data of your existing accounting system.
 All it takes is to upload the data via a simple frontend and after a few moments flowpilot visualizes the cash flows of the company in the form of a clearly structured diagram. Based on this data, with just a few clicks you can plan incoming and outgoing payments for the future. The cash flow diagram updates automatically and gives a valuable outlook up to 5 years in advance.

flowpilot saves many hours of painstaking Excel acrobatics. Thus, the monthly costs are quickly amortized. The benefit: On the basis of future scenarios risks for solvency become visible much earlier than before.

Software as a Service out of a secure cloud

flowpilot is hosted in Germany and meets all security requirements of the German legal system. This also means that no software has to be installed or updated. The accounting files are simply uploaded once a month – and that’ s it. Moreover, costs for flowpilot are transparent and can be monitored on a monthly basis.

Individual dashboards provide a clear overview

Flowpilot illustrates important financial data in easy-to-read dashboards. Dashboards can be customized to meet the needs of different target groups (CEO, CFO, investors, and others). Regardless of whether management, controlling department or external players such as banks and investors are involved – everyone receives a tailor-made perspective on the solvency of a company. Thus flowpilot creates the best conditions to analyze, evaluate and maintain the financial health of a company.


All you have to do is upload your accounting (e.g. DATEV) and you're done.


With the flowpilot tools you set up well-founded cash flow management for your company.


flowpilot was developed by German financial experts and is hosted in Germany.


No need to install software. You can use flowpilot conveniently as Software as a Service.

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