flowpilot: FinTech made in Berlin

Working as business consultant and project manager for many years, flowpilot founder Bernd Thöne repeatedly saw companies going bankrupt, even though their business model was solid. As he found out, poor cash flow management was one of the main reasons for solvency problems. Based on this experiences he – together with software developer Sophie Schwalbe – decided to found flowpilot. flowpilot visualizes a company’s cash flow in diagrams which are easy to understand, based on the actual accounting data. In addition, flowpilot enables a profound cash flow forecast for up to 12 months. Thus, solvency risks can be identified easily and companies are enabled to take measures early to secure their liquidity. The vision of our fintech company – located in the heart of Berlin – is to provide SMEs with a powerful and easy to use tool for their professional liquidity and financial planning.

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