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Cash Flow Management is Vital for Your Business

Poor liquidity planning is responsible for nearly 80% of all bankruptcies. Especially for startups, small companies and medium-sized companies, it is difficult to reliably analyze and control liquidity. Although tools like Excel are widely used, their features are very limited.

This is why we developed flowpilot: a smart software solution that makes cash flow management really easy!

Clear view on your cash flow
flowpilot visualizes your cash flow as a graphic diagram. Within seconds, you understand how your liquidity has developed.

Forget Excel! Plan your cash flow within a few clicks
With just a few clicks you forecast your liquidity and create scenarios for up to five years into the future.

Make informed decisions
flowpilot detects risks to your cashflow at an early stage. You can react much faster and make the right decisions.

Convenient tools for controlling

+ Plan cash flow, income statement and balance sheet in one tool
+ Configurable dashboards for a quick overview
+ Individualized reporting for controllers, CFO, CEO, investors

AI based features improve your cash flow

+ Artificial intelligence recognizes risks to your liquidity
+ Automated forecasts help to improve your financial health
+ flowpilot actively makes suggestions to secure your solvency

Easy. Smart. Fast

Upload data and get started right away!

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This is how easy flowpilot works

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Plan your cash flow
Smart tools enable you to reliably forecast liquidity

Optimize liquidity
Identify and eliminate cash flow risks at an early stage

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Agencies & Consultants

Cash flow management is crucial in the volatile project business.

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Financial Management


A clear view on finances provides security for founders and investors.

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Financial Management


Cash flow management is crucial in the volatile project business.

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Financial Management

Hotels & Tourism

Seasonal fluctuations require profound and reliable liquidity planning.

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Other Industries

Set up professional cash flow planning with flowpilot

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Fintech Made in Berlin

flowpilot was founded in 2018 by management consultant Bernd Thöne and software developer Sophie Schwalbe. Both founders share a common vision: to develop breakthrough financial tools for startups and small and medium-sized businesses.

Berlin is flowpilot’s first choice loaction. The German capital is the hub of the European start-up scene and, as a fintech hub, attracts extraordinary talents from the fields of artificial intelligence, machine learning and cutting edge software development.

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